Excerpt from Preface

Published October 4, 2016

I Am Rock Steady: Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s Disease | Julie Young

Excerpt from Preface:

As a writer and author, I am asked to collaborate on any
number of book-related projects throughout the year.
Very few of them pan out. There are several reasons why
this occurs. In most cases, I am simply not the best writer for
the job. I may lack the expertise necessary to complete the
research to pen an entire volume on a specific subject. The
production schedule may be time-sensitive and not something
I can add to my calendar. There may be a conflict of
interest or other compelling reason for me not to get
involved with a particular project, but every once in a while,
I am presented with an idea so intriguing, I simply have to
be a part of it.

That was the case in February 2015 when Joyce Johnson,
Executive Director of Rock Steady Boxing, Inc., contacted me
to ask if I would be interested in writing a book about an exercise
program designed to help folks fight back against Parkinson’s
disease. She said she hoped to create a book full of
inspirational stories that would not only promote interest in
the Rock Steady Boxing program itself but also showcase the
amazing and courageous men and women who were using the
program as a way to delay, reduce, and even reverse the symptoms
of their condition.