Excerpt from “Round 1 – A Shaky Future”

Published October 13, 2016

I Am Rock Steady: Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s Disease | Julie Young

Excerpt from “Round 1 – A Shaky Future”:

Scott Newman always had a flair for the dramatic. A
native of Chicago’s suburbs, he was a natural showman
who regaled his friends in the school yard with his special
brand of playground shtick. At the age of 11, he launched his
own magic business with a friend and began appearing at
backyard birthday parties. During his high school graduation
speech, he offered up a wild and crazy impression of
Saturday Night Live funnyman Steve Martin, but it was in
the courtroom where Scott parlayed his penchant for performance
into his public crusade for truth and justice. It was
also the place where he unwittingly began his personal battle
with Parkinson’s disease.

Scott was not merely amusing. He was also an academic.
After he completed his undergraduate work at Princeton and
received his law degree from Michigan, most of his family and
friends assumed the wunderkind would waltz off to Wall Street,
where he could earn millions a year in the private sector. They
were surprised when Scott eschewed the idea of a cushy life in
corporate law and opted instead for a life in public service.