Excerpt from “Round 4 – The Fight of My Life”

Published October 31, 2016

I Am Rock Steady: Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s Disease | Julie Young

Excerpt from “Round 4 – The Fight of My Life”:

In September 2006, Michael Quaglia seemed to have it
all. After spending most of his working life in his family’s
factory making molds and dies for corporate jewelry, he
grew tired of merely getting by on his blue-collar income.
He longed to find a position that would give his finances
some wiggle room and enable him to be a better provider to
his wife, Donna, and daughter, Carissa.

At the age of 37, he took a job as a headhunter in the highly
competitive Boston area, where he spent his days networking
with key contacts at area corporations, strengthening
business relationships over power lunches and rounds of
golf, and helping recruiters match engineering talent to the
right company. Michael loved his new role, and the money
wasn’t bad either. Thanks to his success, the Quaglias were
no longer living paycheck to paycheck but were living the
American Dream. There was not only enough money to
cover the bills but plenty left over to allow them to do all
things they wanted to do but thought they could never
afford. There were trips to Disney World, Kentucky, and
the Florida Gulf Coast. Michael served as Carissa’s softball
coach and was present at other athletic events. He worked
out a few times each week and even played a little poker on
the side. “In my mind, I had made it in corporate America,
and I was only 41 years old,” he said.